Thursday, February 4

Spotlight on TJ Boyce "Ghetto America"

My inspiration- “We’re in an unprecedented place in the history of this country. Division is at an all-time high and empathy seems to be at an all time low. With Ghetto America, my aim is ultimately to do my small part to inspire Americans of all shades towards empathy and redemption. The song was inspired by my own true life experiences of wanting to get ahead and striving to be successful. The lyrics are a narrative from a man that realizes that the gambles that he has taken in his life aren't worth it. He knows that he must change his to ultimately make a better life for himself & his family.

For the music video, I wanted all of us get a glimpse of what it would feel like if the traditional roles of injustice were reversed, in hopes that this shared experience would revive in each of us a desire to do better individually as well as collectively.

Because I truly believe that if we can acknowledge each other’s pain, journey through it together, and discover the intrinsic value and worth in each of us, that we can all emerge as better people on the other side...of Ghetto America “~ TJ Boyce

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