Monday, July 11

A1 "Big Steppas" Video

November 10, 1992 Antonio L. Cook aka A1TheHookGod was born in Prichard, Alabama.

Raised in a household of 8 kids and the oldest, A1 is now a father of 5. Growing up was just like any other environment around world that had struggle, violence, and poverty. A1 dreamed of playing in the NFL, yet music was always on the back burner. He was around music due to his grandad, aunts, and mother partaking in the church choir.

A1 was shy and looked up to David Ruffin but has his own sound and is a jack of trades. He can go from various music genres and makes all kinds of sounds with his voice. A1 states "when I make music, I always tell stories based on true events in my life and around my daily life. I go off my mood & feelings. How I feel right than & there before I make music allows me to create my own lane, so I can stand out and build my own legacy and show off all the talent I have. I love writing music more than being a artist, I love to learn business and making a change. Don't get it twisted, I have fun and live life with no regrets, making the best out everything I do. I paint art with my music and some may have not see it yet, but soon many will follow my journey." Welcome to the life of a humble savage who also does comedy.

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