Friday, July 8

DMENTID "Wake Up" Single | @dmentidfnm

FNM Music Group presents Brooklyn based artist, DMENTID. Contrary to what's pushed to the masses DMENTID represents music with a message, also known as, conscience rap. His lyrics makes you think, it inspires growth, and that's exactly what he wants to promote. Keeping his main goal of helping people realize that fear is the enemy, DMENTID delivers his latest single "Wake Up." With a mellow beat and words, you can understand, "Wake Up", is exactly what the name states, a wakeup call to everyone. DMENTID speaks about how we all have a false sense of thinking we have all the time in the world, but the time is right now, "Wake Up" and get to it. Press play and add "Wake Up" to your playlists today.

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