Thursday, April 25

Spotlight On ResseThaChosen1 New Single "Pop My Sh!*"

ReeseThaChosen1 is an Entrepreneur and American Hip-Hop Artist best known for his hit single "Pop My Sh!*," currently distributed by Krown Records/Atlantic Records. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, but also raised in Atlanta, Georgia. ReeseThaChosen1 is the definition of a self-made independent artist. His Hustle, Grind is second to none, investing every penny and time into his dreams. With a stand-up guy belief system, he pairs street and book smarts to produce excellent music while running a popular brand merchandising business.
He is a determined and ambitious performer whose consistency has allowed him to be successful in his own right. As the winner of many open mics contests, he continues to perform live shows at various clubs nationally. Additionally, he has used his high-energy performances to open up for Lil Wayne, Sponsored By V- 103 Greg Street.
ReeseThaChosen1 uses his business acumen to sell his Merch worldwide and his tenacity to work nonstop by climbing himself out of poverty. He has demonstrated that you can leave a legacy by showing the world you can overcome struggles and hard times and make something out of nothing.

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Instagram: @reesethachosen1
Twitter : ReeseThaChosen1