Sunday, June 2

Spotlight on Big Cade

From Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the home of the heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and The Crimson Tide rises an artist, a lot different from today’s artists…….. Big Cade!

He started his music journey in high school with the show choir singing tenor. With clever wordplay and boastful delivery, It’s hard to tell what style he has, it’s almost like a gumbo pot of rhymes and cadences. If you ask him he says “I let my emotions control the pen. Big Cade feels like perseverance is everything, “if you can make it from here, Tuscaloosa, you can make it anywhere. We don’t really have big name artists come here, or check for artists here! I wanna change that!” He has opened for the likes of Webbie and Boosie, Lil Wayne, and The Last Mr. Bigg (RIP) just to name a few. His latest single “Extra” boasts clever wordplay, a commanding voice, as well as a hard bouncy Florida Keys beat. “I feel like I can get on any song, with any artist and hold my own.” he clearly states. Often collaborating with a long time, child hood friend Bama Zo forming B.F.A., Big Cade is an artist you definitely should be on the look out for.

Connect w/ Big Cade:
Instragram: @bfa_bigcade100
Facebook: Big Cade
TikTok: bigcade100
Song Producer - Florida Keys