Thursday, August 18

@THECOREDJS PRESENTS The Core DJ's & present Cabby f. Yung Joc "Left Lane" (Goin' HARD in the streets NOW!!)

Cabby f. Yung Joc

"Left Lane" (clean) (dirty)


He'll take you there. Hip-hop lyricist Cabby paints a vivid picture with his words and smoothly transports the listener into his world. An ultimate storyteller, he's unique in the rap game, in that his lyrics don't rhyme. But you won't miss that typical rhyming pattern because Cabby's straightforward delivery unfolds stories that most folks can relate to.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado's rough East Village housing project, Cabby, who was told by his mother that he was nicknamed “Cabby” because it was his father's favorite drink, is a product of his environment, treating school like a part-time endeavor and getting his full-time, hard-knock education on the streets.

The introspective Cabby has always been into music—it became fuel for his soul at an early age. He cut his teeth by watching guys like NWA, Master P and Tupac, and worked on perfecting his freestyle flow. And though street life beckoned and took him off of those same streets for a while, Cabby never abandoned his best therapy, that of hip-hop music. He persisted and persevered, with the knowledge that a better life was possible for him.

Like Timex, Cabby took a licking from life, but has definitely kept on ticking. He's fully focused on his hip-hop hustle now. His cousin then decided to form an independent record label, Too Much Entertainment to assist him in achieving his goals. He also forayed to Sin City (Las Vegas) to do some shows and feel out the music scene there.

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Always on his grind, the tattooed Cabby is dedicated to success and self-motivated. His rhymes unfold his real realities set to music. He gets the point across, manipulating words like a kid with a lump of Play-Doh. A modern-day griot, Cabby has a story to tell.

Cabby created one of his songs, “Player Hater,” one day in the gym, in Vegas. He was going through some “crabs in the barrel” stuff with the people in his cipher, so his words were his expression and release of the feeling of being surrounded by haters. His message is that they can't stop him. Cabby's “Head To The Sky” talks about his keen focus on succeeding. It's his introduction song, repping area code 303, where his name is still on the block.

Some outstanding production talent has worked with Cabby, including Scorp Dezel, who also hails from Colorado, whose credits include Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Yung Jeezy. Other stand-out producers contributing to Cabby's music project include Maserati Myers and Sid Roams.

The hard working Cabby is driving out the negative images of his earlier life and is steadily carving out his nichein the hip-hop music game. He sees the destination in his forward-view mirror, and won't stop until he arrives.